You may be able to tell that this site has not been updated in some time, but new projects are in the works, including a total site redesign! Please check back in the coming weeks to see what I have been up to lately and will be doing in the future.

If the Cromcast sent you here, this is the People of the Black Circle drawing they were talking about:

Open and download a larger version here. If you like the looks of it, look for an upcoming comics project to be announced here as it develops.

Thanks, and stay tuned!



Tonight is the CIAO First Friday, as usual I'll be at the Pearces' Atelier, 1000 SW Adams St. in Peoria. No one has guessed at that Swamp Thing drawing yet - I'll have that there this evening, from 5 to 9. Here's a clue: look at the left hand.

2/26/13: Oh, man! It's been a while since I updated here. I guess I should redesign the site eventually, it's beginning to look kind of dated. In the meantime, I have several of my usual blob drawings going, as well as several other projects in progress.

The first of these is a series of natural history drawings, which have been added to the Artwork page under the section "Natural History Series."


These will be available as reproductions in various formats when there is a large enough body of them. Of course, the originals are available as well, and if you are interested in any work on this site, please inquire about it!

I am also working on some comics and book projects - pictures and information will be forthcoming.

I am also offering an art giveaway contest - to win this 10x14" Swamp Thing fanart drawing:

be the first to correctly tell me where I cribbed Swamp Thing's pose from, and the drawing will be yours! This contest is primarily through my Twitter feed, so follow me there to receive updates, or clues if no one gets it soon.


Bryyn's new album "In Shapes" is about to drop on Newsong Recordings. The cover features a layering of five silhouettes I put together pertaining to Bryyn and his songs. I then developed the shape into five original drawings which were sold off during the funding drive for the production of the album. here are some small versions below. Go listen to Bryyn at his website, and if you like him, buy the album. Also, a lot of his old stuff is available for free download.

7/22/12: Two new drawings: The Inquisitor and Nameless hunter of the indigo sea have been posted. Also, it has been brought to my attention that some guy going by "Chris Hutson" has been trying to scam people on Craigslist. That's not me, and that's presumably not his actual name. Watch out for jerks. 

5/25/12: A new drawing, The Unbarking secretary of the deep, has been posted. A week from now, June 1st, is the CIAO first Friday as usual, but all the artists previously showing at the Mill will be showing at James and Carrie Pearce's newly acquired building, "The Atelier," at 1000 SW Adams, just one street up and a Block closer to downtown Peoria than the Mill is. Jacob Grant will be taking over James and Carrie's old space, so there will still be art to be found there. 

In the second week of June, I will have artwork up at what i think will be the final show at Underground Press in Tremont. Details TBA shortly.

2/25/12: Two new pieces are up, both pics of extinct critters: High plains drifters..., an etching for the LA Purchase 2012 printmaking portfolio, organized by Donald Lee Simmons; and Shuvuuia, for the ART Evolved blog's Feathered Dinosaur Gallery.

1/25/12: Some new drawings have been posted: Lines of Scrimmage and Pineapple blossom. We're going to keep going at the Mill and select other CIAO venues at first Fridays through the winter. I'll post more information as I get it, and the CIAO website should get overhauled with updated information sometime soon. I'll be featured artist at the Mill on Friday, February 4th, which means I'll be there working on some stuff for people to watch if they want to. If you've never been, here are some pictures from past events. Click to enlarge.

I'll also be working with Bryyn again on the artwork for an upcoming album - more details as this project develops.

11/21/11: Though the original CIAO first Fridays were scheduled to end in November, we plan to keep on going through the winter at the Mill, and other venues will likely also do so on a case by case basis - more details to follow at the CIAO site.  The December first Friday will take place at the usual time, 5-9 pm on December 2nd, but we will also be open from 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday, December 3rd, and again from 5 to 9 pm Friday, December 9th, and 10 am - 5 pm on Saturday, December 10th, as our Holiday Sale! In addition to the usual work, many of us will be offering smaller or less expensive items for your holiday gift shopping convenience.

8/5/11:  This Friday, October 7th, is the next CIAO First Friday in Peoria. It looks like the cool snap in the weather is done with for now, but we'll be getting in the October spirit with some spooky early Halloween ambiance at the Mill, 1101 SW Washington Street, access along the back of the building off the alley.

9/17/11: New image, Red cicada heat drone, up on the artwork page.

Also, the paper "Impact of Aortic Grafts on Arterial Pressure: A Computational Fluid Dynamics Study" from the researchers at the Laboratory of Hemodynamics and Cardiovascular Technology at the Ecole Polytechnique FĂdĂrale de Lausanne, in which my illustration appears, has been published in the European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, and can be viewed on Science Direct. Is there a doctor in the house? I got link fever!

9/3/11: Last night was all kinds of fun. Much thanks to my new buyers, to James and Carrie for standing in for me at the Mill, and to Ryan and the rest of the Art Guild staff for mounting a great looking show. Hair of the dog will be up on the wall at Blue, 619 Main St, Peoria, for the next month or whatever. Go stare at it, drink beer from a beaker, and play some big screen bar Tetris. We're working on some fun stuff for upcoming First Fridays at the Mill, like some spooky early Halloween stuff for October 7th.

Some of the pieces displayed on this site are available for sale, and some have already found homes. If you'd like to inquire about the availability of a particular piece, shoot me an email at chris@chrishutsonart.com. If you own a piece and would for some reason prefer it removed from display, contact me likewise.

Also, I'm posting dumb comics on A Distant, Ugly Mountain. There might be cuss words, FYI.

9/2/11: I thought I posted this a few days ago, but I suppose it did not save correctly. Anyway: tonight, September, 2, is the CIAO Peoria First Fridays art event. While I will have art at the Mill as usual, I will be at the Peoria Art Guild for the closing reception of my exhibit with Jane Ryder and Jillian Ludwig. Reception runs from 5 to 9 PM, then we move over to an afterparty and small art show at Blue, 9:30ish until whenever.

Also check out one of my illustrations in its natural habitat at the EPFL's Neurohydrodynamics and Medical Technology Lab.


Hey, some new stuff has gone up in the illustration section of the artwork page, including the DVD Label for the film A Death Defying Act by Chris and Eric Weiher.


Glendon Mellow featured one of my images on his latest Scientific American blog. Thanks, Glendon!


Check out my cover art on today's episode of the Hugo Award-winning Starship Sofa podcast! If you got there from here, be sure to have a look around.


In addition to my monthly appearance at The Mill as part of CIAO First Fridays, I will have artwork at a CIAO show at the Peoria Public Library Main St. branch from August 13th to September 23rd, with an opening reception on August 13th from 4 to 5:30 pm.  I'm also in a  show with Jane Ryder and Jillian Ludwig at the Peoria Art Guild. This show will run from August 1st to September 2nd, with a closing reception September 2nd from 5 to 9 PM. Evidently the party will continue afterwards at Blue, details TBA.


It has come to my attention that the navigation of this site may not be obvious: Click the links at the top of the page. i may have to redesign some things soon. 


This Friday, July first, kick off the Independence Day weekend with a visit to one, several, or all of the locations of the CIAO Peoria First Fridays Art Walk. For those who have not been, this event features the work of around thirty local artists in seven venues, from five to nine PM on the first Friday of every month. Make an evening of it, or stop into any of the venues on your way out for the night. Enjoy complimentary snacks and libations, and go home with a unique piece of art.

Read the recent Journal Star article about the event here, or get more information at the main site, http://www.ciaopeoria.com/

See you there!


Yikes! I have not updated in a while. There was a while where I wasn't really drawing anything for various reasons. But expect news, art, and general upgrades coming soon. I will be exhibiting in the month of August at the Peoria Art Guild with Jane Ryder and Jillian Ludwig. Also look for me at Pearce Pearce at the Mill, 1101 SW Washington St. on the first Friday of every month as part of the CIAO Peoria First Fridays Art Walk, which has expanded significantly since the first one. 


I will be taking part in the CIAO Peoria first fridays art walk, beginning Friday, April 1st. No fooling. More information and link to follow.


I was featured recently on Sasquatch Magazine's site, in the land down under, but worldwide on the web. Have a squiz, as they say.


My artwork was featured in February on the art blog Sanatcil Baykus. It's all in Turkish, but the pictures are great! Go have a look.

Also look for my illustration on an upcoming episode of the Hugo Award winning Podcast Starship Sofa.


1 new picture up - The modular throne of Quetzalcoatl.

Also, INDA 5 is in stock at Manifest Gallery.


1 new picture up, under illustration.


3 new pictures up!


New drawing, The Visitor, posted on the art page.


The Drawgasmic 2010 book, featuring me and a cast of thousand, is still on sale at the Drawgasmic site. Also catch my work in Manifest Gallery's International Drawing Annual 5, available now for preorder at their site.


Happy late new year! If you want a deal on some of my old artwork, keep an eye on my Ebay listings.


Last week, I sent off my engraving edition to the Dirty Printmakers of America's States of the State portfolio suite. Check out the other artists involved on the Dirty Printmakers site.


Back online! also look at my blog, A Distant, Ugly Mountain, for other news and peripheral projects.


This site is being remodeled and updated after a long hiatus. Expect more changes in the coming weeks. Come back again and again to watch it become more presentable before your eyes.


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